Information in English

Opening times

  • Every Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Group visits out of regular opening times by appointment

Appointments for groups

Group visits for pupils or adults out of regular opening times can be arranged by appointment with the head of the volunteers’ team. Early appointment is recommended.

Appointment: by e-mail:

Information: Tel.  043 / 422 82 92 (answerphone)

Texts in English language

In the exhibition all texts are in German language. For English speaking visitors a short description “Tour through the Museum“ is available at the information desk or it can be downloaded here.

“Tour through the Museum“ (PDF)

The leaflet of the museum is available in German and in French only.

Admission fees

  • CHF  5.00   Adults
  • CHF  2.00   Pupils under 16 years
  • CHF 30.00 Group of pupils, out of regular opening times
  • CHF 50.00 Group of adults, out of regular opening times
  • CHF 70.00 Guided tours for groups, in addition to admission fees

Getting there

  • By train S15 from Zurich main station to Niederweningen Dorf station, from there 5 minutes on foot. 
    Attention: Get off the train at Niederweningen Dorf station. The train continues to Niederweningen terminus (from there 15 minutes on foot).
  • By bus from Baden or Brugg and Döttingen to Niederweningen terminus, from there 15 minutes on foot or by train S15 to Niederweningen Dorf station and from there 5 minutes on foot.
  • By car fromZurich (motorway exit Regensdorf) or from Bülach via Dielsdorf or from Baden (motorway exit Wettingen-Neuenhof) via Ehrendingen to Niederweningen. In the centre of Niederweningen follow signs to the museum and car park.

Plan of getting there

Plan of Niederweningen